Acknowledgment Of Receipt (AOR) In Canada Immigration: What You Should Know

Canada Immigration

Interested about what takes place after you present your Canadian immigration request? Do you marvel at what an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) is?

However, the Acknowledgement of Receipt document is administered as the golden permit, which is massive evidence that Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has recognized the presentation of your request. However, it is more than just a piece of paper.

In this article, we will reveal the secrets surrounding an Acknowledgment of Receipt, offering you understanding and empowering you to go on your immigration journey with assurance and clarity.

Meaning Of An Acknowledgement Of Receipt (AOR) Canada

An AOR, an acronym for Acknowledgement of Receipt, is a simple phrase that only describes Canada’s immigration division, which has received and is processing your application. You receive this document from Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada after applying for a temporary visit, nationality, or relocation to Canada. The document’s significance modifies depending on what you applied for and how you forwarded your request.

What Is In The Acknowledgment Of Receipt (AOR)

An Acknowledgment of Receipt, mainly described as AOR, naturally consists of a unique identification number designated to your request, the receipt date, and subsequent directions. It is administered as a manual for steering through the immigration procedures.

Reason The Date Of The AOR Is Important For Immigration Applications

The Acknowledgement of Receipt document is administered as a verification of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s receipt of your application. Its importance dwells in many aspects, which comprises of the following:

  1. Lock-in age for dependent kids and the authenticity of supporting documents. Dependent kids attached to the application must satisfy specific measures summarized by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada, specifically concerning age, at the period of application receipt demonstrated on the Acknowledgment of Receipt.
  2. Documents, including police reports, IELTS results, and ECA reports, must stay authentic until the Acknowledgement of Receipt date to ensure the easy processing of your request. Hence, it is essential to present your request with enough time before the document date expires.

Acknowledgment Of Receipt For Paper-Based Versus Online Application

When the IRCC mail room receives a paper application, it is notified in an AOR letter. Therefore, your request’s acknowledgment of receipt date must match the courier’s receipt enrollment. It is not possible to compare the dates if you sent something regular.

Subsequently, it is ideal to use a mailing provider that offers detailed tracking. In the event of an irregularity, you could use the tracking information for cases involving re-deliberations, appeals, or judicial checks.

On the contrary, the Acknowledgement of Receipt date is when you reimburse the payments and click the submit button. The system may account for the date a day after due to time zone differences or system mistakes. To be on the safer side, it is highly suggested that you present your online requests by 2 p.m. EST.

How Soon To Get AOR After The Submission Of Documents

As listed above, acknowledgment of receipt Canada means that Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada has viewed your application and will start to process your request. Now, the AOR date is essential, as stated above, for many reasons.

The time durations for acknowledgment of receipt are provided below; hence, this is just a calculation subject to modification.

  • Express Entry: Within minutes after you upload the application.
  • Permanent residence card: So many months.
  • Citizenship certificate: So many months.
  • Employment permit: So many weeks or about several months.
  • Student permit: So many weeks or up to several months.
  • Sponsorship: Six months.

What To Do After Getting AOR Canada

It is a fact that getting an acknowledgment of receipt does not verify that your request has been endorsed. Hence, it implies that the IRCC has opened your application, which is a favorable sign. Below are some hints to contemplate when you get your acknowledgment of receipt.

  1. Take some time to admit your advancement. Receiving an acknowledgment of receipt marks an essential step in your immigration journey.
  2. Upon receiving your Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR), it’s crucial to review it for accuracy. Any errors or discrepancies could impact the processing of your application. If you notice any issues, it’s essential to contact the immigration authorities promptly to address them.
  3. Be on alert for any correspondence from immigration officers. Answer promptly to any demand for extra documents or details.
  4. It’s important to understand that the immigration process is not a sprint but a marathon. Your Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) marks the beginning of this journey, and it’s crucial to maintain patience and a positive mindset. Remember, every step forward is a step closer to your immigration goal.
  5. Get involved with immigrant communities or platforms to share skills and obtain a beneficial understanding of the procedure. Linking with others can offer motivation and direction.