Guide On Ways To Get A Reference Letter For Canada PR 2024


When a candidate embarks on the journey of relocating to Canada, they are required to provide the necessary paperwork or documentation to support their application. Among these, the reference letter holds a significant role. Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada uses this documentation to verify the candidate’s credentials and determine the progression of their application.

If you are applying for permanent residence in Canada via the skilled worker program, one of the significant aspects is having professional experience within or outside Canada. To ascertain your occupational journey, you must offer job references from your present and all previous employers.

Meaning Of Reference Letter

A reference letter, commonly used for job applications, takes on a different role in Canadian immigration. It serves as a validation of your skilled experience records. This document, provided upon request by your recent and past employers, is a crucial part of your immigration application.

Letter Of Reference For Canadian Immigration

The Comprehensive Ranking Systems points-based score calculator is utilized to weigh the candidate’s qualification under the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program. When choosing the economic immigration streams under the express entry or any short or permanent immigration schemes that demand employer-specific employment permits, you must ascertain your qualification for the stipulated (eligible) employment skill.

Depending on the candidate’s years of employment skill, scores are shared or included in their profile; for instance, if the applicant possesses more than three years of applicable employment skill in an international nation, 50 points are included in his profile. However, if you have only 12 to 24 months of employment skills, 25 points are included in the Comprehensive Ranking System points.

Having the needed employment skills, you must validate their legality and ensure they match the specific Canadian NOC codes. You must also present a letter of reference from present and past employers for confirmation and verification.

Only after the documents have been confirmed and verified will the applicant get his Invitation to Apply for permanent residence. Posting getting the Invitation to Apply as well, you must keep your letter of reference at hand since several confirmations might be carried out as an aspect of the immigration request procedures at various levels, and you can have to offer the documentation letters of reference to back up.

Format For Letter Of Reference For Canadian Immigration

The setup of the letter of reference required to be presented for Canadian immigration requests is necessary to include the following:

  1. Name of the candidate
  1. Name of the employer
  1. The employment starting and ending dates.
  1. Title of the employment
  1. Positions and employment obligations (this must align with the positions and duties listed in the NOC assigned by you in your request).
  1. Working hours are weekly as if the employment was full-time or part-time.
  1. Yearly income plus gains
  1. Name of the signatory, signature, and designation
  1. Contact information of the firm.

Guidelines To Observe When Demanding A Reference Letter From Past Employers

Begin The Procedure On Time

Obtaining a reference letter from past employers can be time-consuming, especially if you have a long professional history. It’s advisable to start this process immediately after you apply for the immigration procedure, as it allows enough time for the letter to be prepared. An additional 30 to 60 days are usually given for filling out the Invitation to Apply.

Be Polite While Communicating

When requesting a reference letter from your employer, it’s important to remember that they are a crucial part of your immigration process. They may have questions about your application, and it’s best to be polite and transparent about your reasons for needing the letter. This approach not only maintains a healthy professional relationship but also ensures that your application process is smooth and respectful.

Be Particular With Your Employers Concerning What You Desire

Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada has provided an explicit format and setup for letters of reference. Therefore, you must communicate this to your employers. For reference intentions to make the procedures more knowledgeable, you can share a specimen letter of reference or template.

Reasonable Time Duration For No Hesitations

When you ask your employer for a letter of reference, you must give him a week to draft and send it. However, if you have begun the procedures hesitantly or have restricted time, observe with an endorsed individual, politely clarify your conditions, and demand that they expedite the procedure.

If You Can Get A Reference Letter From Your Past Employer

While a reference letter is the most accurate way to validate your skill records for the immigration scheme, there may be instances where obtaining this document within a specific timeline is not feasible. In such cases, you will need to provide a statement in your application explaining why you couldn’t obtain the letter and provide alternative documentation to support your claim.

Furthermore, you can make use of the optional documentation that could be utilized to confirm your job record, which has to do with the following:

  • Pay or income slips are available throughout the duration the institution hired you.
  • Statement from the bank as evidence of salary credit by employer institution.
  • Documents include offer letters, job agreements, resignation letters, and others.
  • Signed testimonials from your associates in that institution.

Compulsory Points To Be Regarded

  • Letters of reference must be on firm letterheads, accurately signed, and stamped.
  • If you have served several roles in the same firm, ensure each employment title is mentioned separately.
  • You require a letter of reference from all your past employers together with your present employer. Ensure no differences exist between the information mentioned in the reference letter and the immigration request.