Home Content Insurance In Germany

Home Content Insurance

Home content insurance is not mandatory in Germany. It is less crucial than other insurance such as health, car, and liability insurance. Hence, home content insurance is still vital if you desire to cover your belongings in your house in Germany.

There are several various kinds of insurance in Germany. Home content insurance can cover your possessions in fire, storm, and flooding. Based on natural disasters, home content insurance also protects you against robbery, vandalism, and burglary. Although Germany is a comparatively secure nation, burglary, water destruction, and fire often occur. A fire or water leakage can harm all your belongings at home. It is preferable to be safer, mainly if you cannot purchase all your possessions again. Home contents insurance can take a sum of 2 euros monthly. It can offer you the peaceful mind that in situations of destruction, your home contents are covered.

Items Covered By Home Content Insurance In Germany

A home content insurance policy in Germany protects your movable possessions at home. Your movable possessions include those you can accompany when you relocate to a new house. Below are some instances of home goods that can be protected with a home content insurance policy in Germany:

  • Stroller
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Lawnmowers
  • Sports tools
  • Kitchen tools such as fridge and coffee machine, etc
  • Electronics
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Carpets
  • Other personal properties

Your home content insurance in Germany protects your home goods in the apartment and your properties in your garage, basement, garden, and others. If your movable properties get destroyed or lost, you will be financially protected up to a specific worth.

Coverage For Other Individuals

Some home contents insurance policies in Germany protect not just your properties but also the ones of other individuals with whom you reside within the same house. Often, the individual belongings of your kids outside your home can also be protected.

Coverage Outside Of Your Home

Apart from this, several home contents insurance policies in Germany also protect your private property when you go on trips. For instance, you are protected in the event of theft from a hotel room you stay in while on vacation.

Risks Insured By Home Contents Insurance In Germany

Generally, a home contents insurance policy in Germany protects the risks below;

Fire: If a fire in your apartment destroyed your furniture, your home contents insurance will protect the expenses of replacing it. This also applies to harm triggered by an explosion, implosion, or strike from lightning.

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Water: If a pipe in your kitchen bursts and water leaks out, destroying your costly carpet, your home contents insurance will reimburse the replacement expenses.

Storms and hails: your home content insurance will protect the harm of your home properties if they are destroyed by natural perils such as windstorms and hail.

Burglary, vandalism, and theft: If a person breaks into your house, steal your valuables, and intentionally destroys your walls, your home contents insurance will protect against the harm.

Some home content insurance policies also have to do with the risks below:

Financial loss: If fraudsters use your private information to perform bank transfers after you fall victim to a phishing attack, your financial destruction will be insured up to a specific sum.

Phone scam after theft: If you are robbed and the thief uses your phone to make costly foreign calls, you are protected.

Information recovery: If your electronics are destroyed by an insured risk, such as water or burglary, your home contents insurance will cover the expense of recovering your information.

Remember that every home contents insurance policy in Germany protects various things. Therefore, not all home contents insurance insures the above-listed risks. Ensure that you read the fine print to discover the ideal policy that best matches your situation.

Costs To Be Covered By Home Contents Insurance In Germany

If your possessions are lost or damaged, your home content insurance will either.

  • Reimburse for fixing your items.
  • Reimburse for a reduction in worth if your items are still useful
  • Reimburse for the replacement expenses if your items are forfeited or cannot be fixed.

The ideal thing concerning home contents insurance in Germany is that your insurance will reimburse you for the replacement worth of your properties rather than the present worth. This is crucial as electronics, including computers, lose their worth quickly. Getting reimbursed for the replacement worth of your laptop implies that you can obtain a new equivalent computer at the present cost after your old computer is destroyed.

Also, the home contents insurance will as well reimburse for the expenses below in general:

  • Cleaning expenses
  • Movement and coverage
  • Lock change
  • Transport and storage
  • Security expenses
  • Relocation expenses to another flat