How To Check Your IRCC Application Status


Updating the application status is usually a significant decision for new immigrants who have applied to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Although many immigration applicants and candidates can obtain an abridged request update from their safe IRCC account (or applicable application portal), other alternatives are available to new immigrants.

How To Check The Status Of My Application

Aside from the status updates provided via Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada application portals and reaching out to IRCC directly through phone, web form, or email (which are more applicable for general questions), candidates now have the convenience of using the Application Status Tracker (AST) device. This device, created by IRCC, provides in-depth and updated application details, making it easy and stress-free for new immigrants to track their application status.

IRCC has created this device to provide candidates with in-depth and updated application details. The service is obtainable to new immigrants who have made an application to Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada for:

  • Visitor visas.
  • Express entry.
  • Sponsorship of a partner, spouse, or dependent kid.
  • Study permits.
  • Work permits.

Furthermore, with the Application Status Tracker device, candidates can also order Global Case Management System (GCMS) notes. To do this, you need to navigate to the ‘Order GCMS Notes’ section in the tool. This feature permits candidates to have access to a behind-the-scenes view at their request, comprising any additional details assembled by the authority, when the request was last made available, and the way the supervising official for the request is.

While many of these details are essential to candidates waiting on their requests, the blog does not offer the most in-depth information on application processing. For this reason, the blog will concentrate on the AST device.

Remember that IRCC also processes the Client Application Status page, which is different from the AST device. The Client Application Status page provides general information about your application, such as your application number, the type of application, and the date it was received. On the other hand, the AST device offers more detailed information about the status of your application, including whether it’s received, in progress, or closed, and the next stages if necessary. While these two tools are functional, the Client Application Status webpage offers details for several requests not attached to the AST device, such as nationality, permanent residency, and more.

Information Included In The AST Device

In the Application Status Tracker device, candidates can discover:

  • Their total application status is either received, in progress, or closed.
  • Application information regarding qualification reviews, medical tests (if required), background confirmation, and biometrics (if needed).
  • Contact information.
  • Document status includes verification of permanent residence, visitor visas, work permits, study permits, etc.
  • Next stages (when and if necessary) for candidates.

When To Check My Application Status

Before new immigrants can start to check their application status by making use of the device, five things are required to take place:

  • The application is required to be presented
  • IRCC gets the request and keeps it within the processing line
  • The request passes a completeness review.
  • Application starts processing.
  • The candidate gets an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) letter/email with your request number attached.

The real-time required to conclude the stages can differ hugely depending on the kinds of applications presented. Hence, when the Acknowledgement of Receipt has been obtained, new immigrants can start to check their application status. It’s recommended to check your application status regularly, especially after significant milestones in the application process, such as submitting additional documents or completing an interview.

Messages Within The AST Device Implies

Within the total application status part, candidates will view one of the three following statuses:

  • Received: This implies that the request has been obtained and is going through completeness reviews.
  • In Progress: The request is still being checked.
  • Closed: The candidate has accepted, denied, or canceled the request.

Within the application information part of the device, new immigrants can get more in-depth details on all four parts: eligibility review, medical test, background confirmation, and biometrics. Within these personal parts, candidates will cover one of the following statuses:

  • Not Started
  • Waiting On Your: Demonstrating that IRCC has appealed for additional details and documents and is waiting for the candidate to obey.
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Excluded: This implies the candidate is not required to conclude this part of the request.