How To Enhance The Chances Of Your PR Application Not Delayed

Permanent Residence Card

A primary objective for every new Canadian immigrant is to discover their way to Canada as soon as possible. Sadly, most new immigrants experience application processing delays that slow down their journey.

While it is not feasible to ensure that your immigration request will not experience processing delays, it’s crucial to understand the eight stages outlined by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). These stages, four before and four after making your application play a significant role in enhancing the possibility that your application avoids the traps that can trigger delayed processing during this essential step of the new immigrant journey.

Before Making An Application

Complete And Sign

One of the most critical steps is to fill out every application form correctly and attach signatures in all required spots. Neglecting this could lead to Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) returning your application, causing significant delays in your immigration process.

Document Checklist

IRCC may not return your application if it does not include all the required documents marked as needed on the document checklist. To prevent prospective processing delays, check this checklist and attach all needed documents before presenting your request.

Fee Reimbursement And Payment Receipt

Please ensure you reimburse all your needed charges and attach the receipt ascertaining that your reimbursement was carried out in your presentation to IRCC.

Right Of Permanent Residence (RPR) Fee

The Right of Permanent Resident fee is not required when applying for permanent residence. Still, it must be reimbursed before you can formally become a permanent resident of Canada. Due to this, IRCC suggests that you repay this fee either upfront or immediately after you receive a letter demanding it, as this will help prevent delays.

After Making An Application

Linking Paper Application To Online IRCC Account

You can connect your paper request to your online IRCC account based on your application type. This feature, if qualified, provides you with the reassurance that you can obtain recent details concerning the status of your applications. Knowing that this support is available can help you feel more confident and secure during the application process.

Retaining Current Contact Details

This will help you ensure that IRCC can contact you promptly if the division demands more details concerning an aspect of your application.

Reporting Applicable Modifications Via IRCC’s Webform

Promptly reporting applicable modifications that may affect your request, such as birth, change in job, or marriage, will help prevent future application processing delays. IRCC can be reached concerning such alteration through the department’s webform.

Respond To IRCC Promptly When Reached

IRCC emphasizes the need for prompt responses and adherence to their instructions when asked for more details or required documents. This proactive approach is crucial in preventing future processing delays with your request, underscoring the importance of timely communication.