How To Make An Insurance Claim In Canada

Insurance Claim

Insurance firms will reimburse you for the particular losses explained in your policy. Go through your policy’s terms and requirements for the following:

  • To check if your firm protects your loss or incident
  • If there are any exemptions, losses, or incidents that they do not protect.
  • If there are specific claim processes, you will be required to observe them.
  • How long you are required to present your claim

Contemplate Your Choices

Before making a car or home insurance claim, contemplate the following:

  • Creating a claim that may boost your dividends in time to come or when you continue your policy.
  • Most insurance firms provide a discount if you do not develop any claims under your policy.
  • If the sum of your claim is slightly above your deductibles, consider whether it is worth reimbursing yourself for the loss or incident.

Steps To Take To Carry Out A Claim

If you make a claim, immediately contact your insurance agent, broker, or firm. Many insurance firms have time restrictions within which you must present your claim. The restriction often differs between 90 days and one year from the date of the incident. Go through the policy terms and conditions for the time cap.

Offer your insurance broker, firm, or agent with every accompanying document needed by your policy. For instance, you may be required to offer:

  • A car crash account for a vehicle insurance claim
  • A certificate of death for a life insurance claim.

Your insurance firm will check your policy. They will notify you if you can claim the terms of your agreements.

In most situations, the insurance firm may check the events surrounding your claim. This is to verify that it has nothing to do with a scam. This is a claim interrogation. At the time of a claim interrogation, your insurance firm may demand you to offer:

  • Medical histories
  • Police accident reports

Your insurance firm will use these details to specify if it will reimburse your claim.

Making A Claim On Old And Forfeited Policies

You must locate the policy to make a claim on an old or forfeited life insurance policy owned by a deceased relative or loved one. To assist you in performing this:

  • Reach out to the OmbudService for Life and Health Insurance (OLHI)
  • Offer details on the dead individuals or the policy.

What Should Be Done If Your Claim Is Refused Or Reimbursement Is Delayed

Get assistance if you have questions concerning a refused claim or a delayed reimbursement.

Life And Health Insurance Issues

Your insurance firm may refuse your claim within the duration of contestability. Suppose you desire to reach out to the head office of your insurance firm. If you are unsatisfied with the answers, contact the OLHI or your regional or territorial controller.

Home Or Car Insurance Issues

If your insurance firm refuses your claim or delays your reimbursements, contact the Insurance Bureau of Canada. You can also perform an official complaint or obtain lawful assistance.