How To Prevent A Rejected Educational Credential Assessment

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New immigrants applying for economic class immigration to Canada via Express Entry will require an essential document to assist in ascertaining their qualification for specific schemes or routes: an Education Credential Assessment (ECA).

An Education Credential Assessment confirms the Canadian equivalent of your foreign educational credentials. The certificates evaluated could comprise foreign programs, diplomas, and credentials.

It’s important to note that if your Educational Credential Assessment is denied by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), it could potentially lead to delays in your immigration procedures. To avoid such setbacks, it’s crucial to understand how to prevent your ECA from being denied by the IRCC.

Choose The Accurate Kind Of Assessment Report

There are several kinds of assessment reports; however, the IRCC needs the ECA. For immigration schemes and routes, you are required to get an ECA for your immigration intentions.

Choosing the right assessment report is a crucial step in the process. It involves understanding the specific requirements of the IRCC’s ECA measures and providing the necessary details for your immigration application. By choosing the correct type of ECA, you can ensure that you meet IRCC’s standards and avoid potential delays in your immigration process.

Order An ECA From An IRCC-assigned Provider

Though various institutions provide credential assessment services, only five are assigned by IRCC. Presenting an ECA from a provider not assigned by IRCC could delay or refuse your document.

For these motives, new immigrants are mandated to ensure that IRCC assigns their ECA-providing giver to assess credentials for Canadian immigration.

Ensure Your ECA Is Up-to-date

Rest assured, an educational credential assessment for IRCC provided by an assigned institution has a five-year expiration date. As part of their commitment to streamline the process, some services offer simple ECA renewals. This means that applicants can easily continue authenticating their documents for an additional five years. With WES, for instance, you can conveniently log into your account and select “Order Duplicate IRCC” from the dashboard, extending your ECA for the next five years.

Order An ECA From WES

WES, which was established in 1974, has conducted over four million certificate assessments and has established partnerships with numerous educational organizations worldwide. It plays a crucial role in the ECA process, providing reliable and recognized assessments for Canadian immigration purposes.

WES can conclude your ECA for relocation intentions within 30 working days when all documents and fee reimbursements have been received and endorsed. WES credential evaluations can be continued and prolonged.