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How To Send IELTS Scores To Universities


Whether you have cleared the IELTS or are contemplating taking the test, you are on an essential journey towards your education and occupational objectives. Keep reading as we walk you through how to forward your IELTS scores to institutions, making sure of easy changes to the next stage of your educational journey.

Before we delve into the various ways to send IELTS results to institutions, it’s crucial to understand the Test Report Form (TRF). This knowledge will empower you to navigate the process with confidence and ensure a smooth transition to the next stage of your educational journey.

Meaning Of Test Report Form (TRF)

Your IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) is administered as the official record of your exam results and stays authentic for 24 months from your exam date. Should your Test Report Form cease because of the extension of your institution application or for other motives, you may be required to retake the IELTS exams.

Remember, the IELTS exams can be taken multiple times, and any result obtained within the 24-month validity period can be utilized for institutional applications. Whether you received a physical Test Report Form from your exams center or downloaded an electronic version from the exam taker portal, it’s important to keep this document safe.

Your Test Report Form will consist of the following details on them:

  • Total band score
  • Points for each part, which includes listening, reading, writing, and speaking
  • Applicant number
  • Exam type: educational or general internship
  • Date of the exam
  • Personal details such as name, birth date, and gender.

How To Forward The IELTS Score To The University

When it comes to forwarding your IELTS exam report form to institutions, it’s important to note that many institutions require the original copy. Photocopies are generally not accepted. To maintain the original security, it’s suggested that you do not forward it to institutions. Instead, send five extra copies directly to the institutions you are applying to without any payment.

To demand this service, offer the institution’s addresses on the Test Taker portal within 24 months of your exam date. If your exam center is not open, you can still demand extra copies for up to 24 months by completing the application for additional Test Report Forms.

How To Forward The IELTS Score To Universities Online

Before forwarding the IELTS score to institutions, complete all details. When the form is filled out, the exam center will release copies of your IELTS Test Report Form to your top 5 selected institutions without any fee.

Below are the steps to forward the score to institutions:

Step 1: develop an account on the IDP IELTS webpage

Step 2: login and tap on “Request a Test Report Form

Step 3: select the institutions you desire to forward your score to from the list or search by nation.

Step 4: enter your details and reimbursement information

Step 5: present your application; your score will be forwarded to the institutions within ten business days.

Ways To Report IELTS Scores To Universities

There are two ways of reporting IELTS points to institutions: electronically or physically. We will learn them better.

Electronic Reporting Of IELTS Scores To Universities

One of the most convenient ways to report your IELTS scores to universities is through electronic reporting. This system allows your IELTS score report to be sent directly to institutions via the IELTS webpage or exams center, ensuring a safe and hassle-free delivery.

Many institutions now approve scores electronically via the IELTS Results Service; however, confirming with your selected university before time is wise. If electronic presentations are supported, you will naturally get specific directions from the institutions on connecting your IELTS exam enrollment to your application.

Physical Reporting Of IELTS Scores To Universities

Your IELTS Score report is forwarded as a hard copy via postal mail or courier service to your assigned institutions. Physical delivery may take longer than electronic delivery, so it remains a reliable way to ensure institutions get your scores. If your institution does not approve of electronic presentations or if you choose a hard copy, you can demand an official Test Report Form or electronic Test Report Form from the IELTS exam center where you took the test. Once received, you can observe the institution’s mailing directions for forwarding IELTS score reports.

How Long It Takes To Forward An IELTS Score Electronically

Having had a fair knowledge of how to forward IELTS scores to institutions electronically, it is natural for you to marvel at the duration it would take to obtain the Test Report Form.

  • You can get your TRF within 13 days of your IELTS exam date. When the results are obtainable, you can receive your Test Report Form from your closest IDP IELTS office, making sure to come along with the identity evidence utilized during your IELTS enrollment.
  • If you are forwarding your IELTS result online to universities, it naturally demands about five working days.
  • If you forward a physical scorecard to institutions, delivery may take 5 to 10 working days.