How To Write An Appeal Letter For Visa Rejection

Visa Rejection

Getting a visa to an international nation is a time-consuming task. The applicant must gather and present the needed documents, attend an interview, pay the fee, and get a visa permit for the destination nation.

Hence, you may not be awarded a visa even after undergoing this complex visa request procedure. Regardless of your plans, the consulate of an international nation can refuse your visa, maybe due to omitted documents or because the interview official feels something is wrong.

That is the motive why several international nations offer candidates an alternative to appeal for an application that has been refused a visa. Going ahead, we will understand the step-by-step procedures a candidate can observe for candidates looking for ways to write an appeal letter for visa refusal.

Appeal For Visa Rejection

This appeal qualification varies for various nations. The applicant must review the conditions and the feasibility of appealing for visa refusal. There are three recommended cases of visa refusal by an international nation.

  1. The candidate gets terrible comments, and they can continue with the rectification and letter of appeal for visa rejection.
  2. No remarks have been passed on rejection. Find out from the embassy what the motive would have been and if you have the alternative of appealing for a visa refusal.
  3. There is no prospect of appeal, and the candidate must re-apply for a visa. Make sure you have recognized and corrected your errors.

How To Write An Appeal Letter For Visa Refusal

As stated above, confirming the candidate’s qualifications and alternatives by the nation is crucial before preparing a draft of your appeal letter. In writing an appeal letter, it is essential to draft a solid letter to ascertain your interest.

Ensure that the formats (if stipulated) are well formed. Your letter of appeal must also be balanced between being not too long and not too brief.

Note: Write your appeal letter in an argumentative yet persuading pattern, not an emotional demonstration of yourself.

Draft A Good Appeal Letter: Format

Things or hints to be attached in your letter of appeal consist of:

  • Candidate information includes complete name, address, birth date, location of birth, and contact details.
  • Passport number
  • Information about your visa application filing and the intention of your visit
  • The date you acquired the visa rejection judgment
  • Information of the motive for visa rejection (state the name as in the refusal letter by the consulate, if given)
  • Clarify your motive as to why you assume the judgment is unjust
  • The candidate’s signature.

Boost Your Appeal Letter: Accompanying Documents

Including accompanying documents to boost your appeal letter for visa refusal is crucial. You might be required to gather or recollect documents to ascertain whether the conditions thus acknowledged by the embassy are appropriate.

Below is a list of accompanying documents that can be included depending on your motive for refusal.

The Intention Of The Visit Needs To Be Clarified

  • Scheduled airfare tickets – reshare your informed itinerary.
  • Invitation letter: letter of admission by the institution, job, or others.
  • Cover letter: Clarify the reason you selected the said nation and explain the motive and the reason aspect.

Suspicion That You May Not Come Back To The Origin Nation

  • Admission or registration letter of the student
  • Job agreement
  • Documents mentioning your ancestral availability
  • Certificates that ascertain that you will return for your family ties, such as a marriage certificate and more.

Travel Insurance Protection Is Not Eligible

  • If you have bought travel insurance protection that does not suffice the travel conditions, present the evidence of a new purchase of insurance carried out or have updated the recent insurance as backup documents.

Insufficient Evidence Of Finances

  • Current bank statement: attempt depositing additional funds
  • Include a support letter: an individual ready to assist you financially during your visit to the international nation, including their present bank statement.

Sample Appeal Letter


Address of the embassy:

To whom it may concern,

Topic: Appeal letter against (type of visa) visa rejection

Section one:

This is your presentation part of the letter. Stipulate your information together with the motive for writing this letter.

Attach all your private information, including complete name, address, date and place of birth, and passport number. Again, state the motive for your visa rejection, the visa application date, and your intention to visit (together with a small short as the reason it is the country).

Section two:

This part mainly states the motive for your visa refusal and why you think you deserve the right to be considered again.

(state the motives in a straightforward sentence since it is simpler to extend them in a later section).

Section 3:

In this section, you can clarify why you believe that the judgment on your visa request must be changed. Elaborate on the stated motives why you have arrived at such a conclusion.

Attempt to make a solid argument for these motives persuasively. Attempt to attach references to ascertain your claims are correct. Remember that your request is based on how solid the ground you place your appeal and persuading you sound.

Section 4:

The last section of your Appeal must include the date of your intended journey to develop a sense of urgency, especially if you have little time to wait.

Inform them they can reach you anytime for further information, and ensure all the accompanying documents are included.

Yours Sincerely,


Candidate full name

Candidate email

Candidate contact.