Permanent Resident Procedures For Canada: Step-By-Step Guide

Canada Permanent Resident

Canada is a very famous immigration alternative for individuals from around the globe. It could be for a better quality of life, occupational prospects, or a secure setting; Canada is the best option, with these factors in mind and several more gains for foreigners to study, be employed, and live in the nation.

Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) successfully processed 5.2 million requests for permanent residence, citizenship, and temporary residence in 2022, an increase from the number of requests processed in 2021.

The nation’s immigration system provides different immigration route schemes with dependable and possible visa processing.

Meaning Of Canada Permanent Resident Visa

  • Permanent residence in Canada is a five-year multiple-entry visa that entitles skilled international citizens to work and live there.
  • The visa arrives with the adjustability of extension after five years.
  • Hence, after concluding 36 months of employment and remaining under a permanent resident visa card, the individual becomes qualified to be a Canadian national.

Qualification Measures For Immigration To Canada

For the qualification to make an application for permanent residency under the Express Entry system, the candidate requires a least score of 67 points for an aggregate of 100 points in the point-based system. The six aspects regarded include:

  • Language proficiencies for English and French with a total of 28 points.
  • Candidate’s studies with a total points of 25
  • Employment history or skills with total points of 15
  • The age factor of the candidate with a total points of 12
  • Canada employment offer with a total points of 10
  • Adjustability factor in the candidate with a total point of 10

Comprehensive Ranking System

The Comprehensive Ranking System is the candidate’s total points out of 1200 scores. The candidate is rated depending on the collective points of the four classes, which consist of:

  • Human capital and spouse common-law partner factor. The highest point under the combined aspect is 500 points.
  • Skills transferability factor with the highest point of 100
  • Additional elements sum up to a total of 600 points.

Step-by-step Procedures For Permanent Residence Visa In Canada

Step 1: Conclusion Of Educational Credential Assessment

Completing an ECA is recommended if the candidate has looked for their studies from outside Canada. Concluding the same would bring in gains of 150 points to their Comprehensive Ranking System scores.

Step 2: Conclusion Of Language Exams

This is the primary requirement for Express Entry. The candidate must take the IELTS exams to demonstrate their capacity to articulate impactfully. The candidate can also obtain French language exams to enhance their rate further.

Step 3: Express Entry Profile Generation

To begin the procedure, the supposed candidate is required to develop their express entry profile online in the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada portal.

Step 4: Make An Application For The Provincial Nominee Program (Optional)

Candidates can choose the Provincial Nominee Program as this class significantly affects Comprehensive Ranking System points and assists in distinguishing themselves with 600 points. The varied regions in Canada have different regional schemes that are constantly modified and updated.

Step 5: Express Entry Draw

After the comprehensive Ranking System points are matched and the candidate merits the cut-off range, they are given a specific rank personally by performing an Express Entry pool draw that is carried out often. The passing applicants then get an Invitation to Apply.

Step 6: Obtain An ITA

When a candidate is accepted and chosen in the Express Entry Pool Draw, they must complete the Invitation to Apply. The ITA requires it to be presented within 90 days of receiving the Invitation.

Step 7: Background Confirmation Checks

The candidate further requires a health examination with a physician endorsed by the Canadian Immigration authority and presents the outcomes to IRCC. Again, the candidate also requires a police confirmation procedure and gets a license for every city the candidate has lived in steadily for at least six months before.

Step 8: Application Checking By The Immigration Official

In this step, the candidate is not required to take action; instead, a Canadian immigration official checks the presented request. Hence, the candidate must be ready to furnish any additional documents.

Step 9: Getting Permanent Residence Status Confirmation

At this level, the candidate gets a verification of their permanent resident status. The candidate can fast-track their application procedure under specific classifications. For example, by applying under the CEC category, your request would be processed in a maximum of 3 to 4 months. This stage involves getting a copy of the Confirmation of Permanent Residence.

Step 10: Time To Make An Application For A Permanent Residence Card

Kudos! You must have completed the last step of the Canadian immigration procedures, and now you are qualified to travel to the country. You must apply for your permanent residence card and use it to travel as you desire in the nation.