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Post-Study Work Visa In Australia: Qualification And Processes


When studying in Australia and striving to remain after your education, it is crucial to know about post-study work visas in Australia, their kinds, qualifications, and application procedures.

The thriving education industry in Australia offers international students a wealth of opportunities to gain work experience and build a career. The Post-Study Work visa is the key to unlocking these opportunities. So, what does this mean, and how can we obtain it? Let’s delve into this in detail, filled with hope and optimism for your future in Australia.

Meaning Of Post-Study Work Visa In Australia

A post-study work visa for Australia permits international students to get employed in the nation after concluding their studies, allowing them to acquire practical skills and begin their professions. Specific information regarding qualification and period differs based on personal events, such as the type and duration of your study program, academic performance, and the region where you studied.

Advantages Of Post-Study Work Visa In Australia

The post-study work visa in Australia is a short-term visa that permits international students to reside, get employed, and study in Australia after concluding their studies. Below are some significant benefits of this visa:

  • The post-study work visa allows students to obtain beneficial employment skills in Australia, improving their future occupational opportunities.
  • This visa allows students to extend their visit to Australia after concluding their programs.
  • The post-study work visa is seamlessly integrated into the student visa, eliminating the need for additional paperwork or procedures. This streamlined process should reassure you and boost your confidence in your visa application.
  • All students who conclude higher studies in Australia are automatically eligible for the post-study work visa.
  • Unlike some countries, this visa has no professional limitations, empowering you to work in your desired field. This flexibility puts you in control of your career path in Australia.
  • This visa can be administered as a route to permanent residency in Australia for specific students.
  • The visa authorizes students to get employed and study simultaneously, assisting them in financially sponsoring themselves while obtaining employment experience.
  • The term of the post-study work visa in Australia differs depending on the student’s concluded course; however, it is about one year and six months.

Types Of Post-Study Work Visa In Australia

Australia provides different post-study work visa choices for international students, each giving various events;

Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) – Graduate Workstream

This is best for people with experiences closely matched with in-demand Australian employment. This subclass 485 visa in Australia permits a one-year, six-month stay, comprising the choice to bring family members. Requests must be made within six months of completing your educational program.

Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) Post-Study Workstream

The most famous alternative for post-study work, this 485 visa Australian, is obtainable to recent graduates from prominent Australian universities, regardless of their study area. The term ranges from 2 to 4 years; relatives can be attached. Application is required to be carried out within a period of 6 after concluding their studies.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (Subclass 476)

Formed for engineering graduates who concluded their certifications in the previous two years, this visa allows a one-year and six-month stay and the inclusion of a relative. Furthermore, the Australian administration presented an extension for international students studying in regions outside of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne in 2021. This extension offers one or two additional years to the present two-year post-study workstream of the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485), striving to entice more international students and improve diversity in various regions of Australia.

This extension offers one or two additional years to the present two-year post-study workstream of the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485), striving to entice more international students and improve diversity in various regions of Australia.

Qualification Prerequisites For Post-Study Work Visa In Australia

Having known the kinds and advantages of a 485 visa for Australia, proceeding, we will investigate the Australian post-study work visa prerequisites for obtaining qualification, which comprises of the following measures:

  • Be below the age of 50.
  • Have applied for and acquired your initial student visa on or after 5 November 2011.
  • Has a visa that is regarded as qualified.
  • Should have been on a student visa in the previous six months.
  • Has a current program from a CRICOS enrolled program.
  • Submit evidence of enough health insurance for all requests during the application procedure.
  • Offer proof of having applied for an AFP (Australian Federal Police) check when presenting your application.
  • Demonstrate proof of satisfying the needed English skill level when making an application.

Post-Study Work Visa Australia Checklist: Documents Needed

Having been acquainted with the qualification conditions for your post-study work visa request in Australia, we will mention the Australia 485 visa conditions for satisfying the documentation conditions measures:

  • Docuements for identification
  • Academic documents
  • Health insurance-associated documents
  • Character-associated documents
  • If your spouse is following you, their documents
  • Dependent’s document( lower than the age of 18)
  • Documents for any dependents higher than the age of 18

How To Apply For Post-Study Work Visa In Australia

International students have two alternatives to applying for an Australian post-study work visa: an online application via their ImmiAccount or a paper form. The paper form is approved if their visa application lists “no further stay” requirements 8503 or 8534. These requirements mean that you must refrain from having any conditions on your current visa that prevent you from applying for another visa while you are in Australia.

For temporary graduate visas (graduate workstream and post-study workstream)

  • Make an application form within Australia; however, do not do so at the time of immigration clearance.
  • Present an application after concluding your program but within six months from program conclusion.

For skilled, recognized graduate visa (subclass 476)

  • You can make an application from inside or outside of Australia.
  • The request is required to be presented within 24 months of concluding your program.

Having understood the conditions for a post-study work visa in Australia and the application feasibilities, we will discuss the step-by-step application procedure for the Australian student visa post-study work. These underlined procedures will assist you in making the Australian work visa application more straightforward.

Step one: assemble all needed documents.

Step two: go to the official ImmiAccount page.

Step three: Generate an ImmiAccount (for new users) or login if you have an existing account.

Step four: fill out the visa application form and include all relevant documents

Step five: offer information concerning family members going with you.

Step six: Ensure the application fee is reimbursed using your credit card or BPay.