Solo Travel Adventures: 7 Tips For Safe And Enjoyable Solo Trips


The idea of traveling solo can be discouraging. When considering the prospect of traveling to a destination, especially one you’ve never been alone, many things come to mind. You may be worried about safety since it is mainly considered that traveling with family or friends is a safer option. Then, consider how you would enjoy touring top attractions without friends to chatter about key moments with. Well, going on a solo travel is pretty decent. There are a lot of destinations marked as safe and secure to visit by reputable organizations like the World Travel Agency (a renowned authority in travel safety and security). Researching their recommendations would get you covered on this. Solo trips can be enjoyable, too, if you know just the activity to do and the right places to go. This article aims to share tips for safe and enjoyable solo trips and how to have an unforgettable solo adventure.

Benefits Of Solo Travel

Before I share a few tips for safe and enjoyable solo trips, let’s consider the benefits of traveling alone.

  • The primary benefit solo travelers enjoy is the opportunity to embrace themselves. Solo travel provides a fantastic opportunity to embrace yourself and discover things you like, as you will be doing only the things you want to do, unlike traveling with other people, where you might get to satisfy others’ wants that are not necessarily yours. This sense of empowerment can boost your confidence and make your solo trip even more enjoyable.
  • Solo travel offers the chance to connect with new people who are as like-minded as you.

One of the disadvantages of group travel is that you barely get to connect with new people outside of your circle of friends. Solo travel offers the thrill of meeting new people with the same interests as you, and what better way to enjoy a trip than connecting with soulmates? This aspect of solo travel can add an exciting and intriguing element to your journey.

Opportunity To Complete Your Bucket List And Build Confidence

You must agree that traveling as a group involves doing things that every member of your group wants at different intervals while on the trip(of course, you’ll have to be considerate. At the end of the journey, you’ll realize that you barely got to tick right your preplanned personal itinerary for the trip because you were satisfying others’ bucket lists most of the time. Solo travel allows you the freedom and flexibility to complete your bucket list for a trip, as you will do everything you want on your terms. This allows you to enjoy your company without distractions and build your confidence.

Solo Travel Requires Less Money

The cost of traveling is higher with the number. Traveling requires less money while allowing you to set your budget for the trip, and one that you can easily follow without the last-minute hassle of entertaining others’ needs which can lead to extra costs.

Tips For Safe And Enjoyable Solo Trips

Here are a few tips to help you erase your solo travel worries while guiding you to a safe and enjoyable solo trip.

Do Your Homework On The Place You’ll Be Visiting

This is one of the top tips for a safe and enjoyable solo trip, and it works as a pre-solo trip tip. Let me share a personal experience. When planning my first solo trip to the destination, I extensively researched the culture, traditions, facilities, and tourist attractions.  This helped me understand the local customs, prepare a safety strategy, and craft an emergency plan. It also allowed me to create a bucket list that guaranteed me an enjoyable solo trip. So, I highly recommend doing your homework on the place you’ll be visiting.

Secure Your Valuables

Going with only what you need when you venture out a phone, credit card, little cash, a copy of your passport, and an ID, will not only help you secure your valuables, unlike going out with more than you need, which could weigh on you, and get you easily marked for robberies, it will also help in case of safety  if a need arise and allows you to have the confidence that you are safe as you are equipped to handle emergencies, this indirectly takes away the fears and worries of ‘what do I do, if….’ Thus allowing you to have an enjoyable solo trip.

Keep Yourself Safe

One of the tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable solo trip is keeping yourself safe. Keeping yourself safe also entails doing all you can to ensure you are not marked as a victim of unsafe scenarios. Avoid reckless behaviors, and stay alert in everything you do. A bonus tip here is to ensure you blend in with the culture of the destination you visit and pay attention to the activities and people around you when you are in a cab, walking, driving, or touring. I suggest not sharing information that you are traveling solo, especially when asked by someone you barely know, and ensuring you are not isolated.

Get Travel Insurance

In most cases, traveling solo is often a resort to cutting costs while allowing you to go on a vacation and do the things you enjoy. But aside from reducing travel expenses, what about protecting yourself and the investments you’ve made from unpredictable occurrences? Travel insurance will cover trip cancellation, natural disasters, accidents, theft, illnesses, and several other issues.

Start Small

If you intend to have a safe and enjoyable solo trip, I suggest you go to a small destination if you are feeling nervous and a newbie. Small travel destinations will allow you to map out your itinerary effectively without the confusion you could get from a more significant destination. It will also get you conversant with the destination culture and what to expect from your travel, and these are vital for having an enjoyable solo trip as your mind will be at peace when you face something new while on the trip.

Get The Help Of A Tour/Travel Agency

Travel agencies and tour guides are familiar with the terrain of the destination you are traveling to more than you are. They are also aware of ‘kill zones ‘, which are areas known for high crime rates or other safety concerns, and ‘safety spots ‘, which are areas that are considered safe for tourists. Leveraging their knowledge during a solo trip will go a long way in helping you have the safe and enjoyable solo trip you desire.

Another tip that will effectively guide you to having a safe and enjoyable solo trip is constantly sharing information about your location/travel itinerary, including your hotel reservation with a loved one at home. Before going on solo excursions, check in with your hotel staff(ensure they are trusted and reliable) and let them know where you are headed will be safer.

The Bottom Line

Solo travel is a perfect opportunity to be the lone ranger while embracing your passions. If you are looking for freedom to do the things you love and want to do while building new travel connections and getting to know yourself better, you should consider solo travel.