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Super Visa A Good Alternative To The PGP Canada Immigration In 2024

Canada Immigration

With the Parent Grandparent program starting today, 21st May, several hopeful sponsors will again have to fill restricted spots as Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada chooses candidates from the 2020 pool for the fourth consecutive year.

This makes people in the later years without a prospect go into the Parent Grandparents program. Hence, there is another alternative, which is the Super visa. While this varied from the PGP, the super visa provides a route for Canadian citizens to come together with their parents and grandparents. This could be the opportunity you have been searching for:

Understanding The Gains Of The Program

To determine whether a super visa is a good option for the parent-grandparent program, you must first understand the intention and meaning of either scheme.

The Super Visa Canada is a long-term, multiple-entry visa for parents and grandparents of Canadian nationals and permanent residents. It authorizes them to remain in Canada for two years without requiring them to continue their status.

Advantages Of Super Visa

  • Remain in Canada for up to 24 months on every visit.
  • Access to several access with a visa authenticity duration of 1 decade
  • The gain of quicker visa processing
  • Health insurance is required to qualify to enjoy healthcare protection in Canada.

On the contrary, Canada’s parent and grandparent program allows Canadian nationals and permanent residents to sponsor and support their parents and grandparents for permanent residency, making it a highly demanded alternative for long-term family reunions.

Advantages Of PGP Program

  • A route to permanent residency in Canada
  • Allows long-term reunions with family members
  • Capacity to access different gains such as supported candidates can access Canadian gains and social services.

Comparing Super Visa And PGP In Canada

We have explained the comparisons between the super visa and PGP programs in Canada to help you understand the visa disparities and recognize the appropriate kind of visa for your Canada immigration requirements.


The Parent and Grandparent program and the Super Visa possess different abilities. The Parent and Grandparents is a one-time-in-a-year lottery system, restricted to qualified sponsors from the 2020 admission. On the contrary, the Super Visa is obtainable every year, approving requests steadily, which elevates the prospects of authorization.

Qualification Conditions

The two schemes are for parents and grandparents of Canadian nationals or permanent residents. Sponsors are also required to be Canadian nationals or permanent residents. While the Parent and Grandparent Program requires applicants to have presented an Interest to Sponsor form in 2020, the Super Visa requires candidates to make an application themselves from outside Canada.

Requirements for the Parent and Grandparents Program

  • Present an interest-to-sponsor form for 2020.
  • Be a Canadian national, permanent resident, or enrolled citizenship under the Canadian Act.
  • Be the age of 18 or above and settle in Canada.
  • Satisfy the least relevant revenue level.
  • Sign a 20-year undertaking to assist the supported person.

Requirements for Super Visa

  • Make an application from outside of Canada.
  • Offer evidence of a relationship with the host in Canada.
  • Indicates the host status and earnings (satisfying the low-earning cut-offs)
  • The host is required to be 18 or older and live in Canada.

The two schemes demand sponsored persons to be medically and criminally accepted.

Immigration Results

The Parents and Grandparents Program awards permanent residency, permitting parents and Grandparents to reside, get employed, and live in Canada permanently with several of the liberties of a Canadian national.

Super visa offers temporary resident status, allowing visiting for five years, extendable by 24 months, but providing different liberties than permanent residency.

Processing Time

Supvisas in Canada are naturally processed quicker, taking a few weeks to months. The Parents a Grandparents program in Canada usually takes a long time because of the increased demand and restricted yearly quotas, often prolonging over many years.

Duration of Stay

The Super Visa permits holders of visas to be qualified for five years in every visit with several access visas in Canada with authenticity of more than ten years. The Parent and Grandparent Program Canada scheme awards permanent residency, permitting permanent settlement.

Financial Effects Of Super Visa And Pgp Canada

Another aspect of selecting the accurate immigration route is the financial effects for Super Visa and PGP. These have to do with:

Financial Conditions

Super Visa demands evidence of earnings satisfying the low-income Cut-Off (LICO) and compulsory medical insurance. PGP demands sponsors satisfy an increased earning threshold for the previous three years and devote themselves to financial assistance for 20 years.

Application Procedures

Parent And Grandparent Program Application Procedure

Step 1

Interest Presentation: Fill out and present an interest to sponsor form at the time of the yearly admission duration.

Step 2

Request To Apply: If chosen, get an invitation to apply.

Step 3

Application Presentation: Fill out and present the sponsorship and permanent residence requests.

Step 4

Confirmation: offer relevant documentation and go through medical, criminal, and environmental reviews.

Super Visa Application Procedure

Step 1

Application Presentation: Make an application online or offline.

Step 2

Document Presentation: Offer needed documents that have to do with evidence of relationship, financial assistance, and medical insurance

Step 3

Medical Test: Go through a medical test

Step 4

Processing: Wait for processing and judgment, which will naturally vary from some weeks to many months.