Top 24 Non-GRE Institutions In The USA 2024


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the process of selecting the proper admission test? Does the thought of GRE or GMAT conditions make you anxious? We are delighted to inform you that there is a way to pursue your ambitions without the stress of these tests. Non-GRE institutions offer you the freedom to focus on your academic journey without the pressure of standardized exams.

This article will unveil the top 24 non-GRE institutions in the United States. Whether you are looking for an alternative to standardized exams or eager to explore programs that prioritize other measures, this guide is your gateway to discovering academic opportunities without the GRE. It’s time to get excited about the diverse paths to higher education that non-GRE institutions offer.

GRE Requirements For Masters In The USA

While several top QS World-rated institutions may require you to submit your GRE scores, many non-technical academic universities do not. So, if you are still wondering if the GRE is compulsory for a Master’s in the USA, rest assured that 70 to 80 percent of the institutions in the United States do not require the GRE score outcomes for admission. This reassurance should boost your confidence in exploring non-GRE options.

On the contrary, several institutions provide a provisional GRE waiver, excluding students from the GRE conditions under specific requirements. These requirements might consist of:

  • A high GPA, naturally 3.0 or above
  • Have an additional graduate certification
  • Applicable occupational work skills, mainly in the area of study.

Top 18 United States Institutions Without GRE

The United States is home to some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. With its diverse learning environment and innovative teaching methods, it’s an ideal destination for graduate studies. Here’s a curated list of some of the highest-ranked master’s courses in the United States that don’t require the GRE for admission, offering you a variety of academic paths to explore.

Name of University Courses without GRE
Pittsburg State University Technology Program
Concordia University Chicago Management, information technology, health science, and education
California Lutheran University Technology Program
Dayton University Ohio Different science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEMS) programs
Sacred Heart University Technology Program
The University of Utah Health science, creative arts, engineering, and education
State University of New York at New Paltz Computer science
University of Kansas Science, information technology, media, creative Arts, and Engineering
Saint Peters University Computer science
University of Nebraska, Lincoln Business, science, media, and engineering
University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Computer Science
James Madison University Health science, education, business, creative arts, social studies and media
University of Maryland, Baltimore Masters of Professional Studies
Florida International University MS and PhD programs in Computer Science
George Mason University MS programs in Humanities and Social Sciences (alternative)
University of Bridgeport, Connecticut Master of Science in Computer Science
Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma MS programs
New Mexico State University Master’s in Computer science

Top 6 Institutions For Masters In The USA Without GRE

Many famous institutions providing master courses in the United States prioritize aspects such as your Statement of Purpose, recommendation letters, and extracurricular exercises over GRE scores. We will check the table below for the top institutions in the United States without a GRE.

Name of University Courses without GRE
San Jose State University MS in Data Analytics, Civil Engineering, Aerospace engineering
Purdue University MS Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, environmental and ecological engineering, ecological sciences and engineering.
University of North Texas MS in Data Science
Northeastern University MS in Aerospace engineering, Computer networking, computer science, biological sciences
Boston University MS in artificial intelligence, computer information systems, applied data analytics, bioinformatics, robotics, and autonomous systems
Stevens Institute of Technology MS in computer science and Information systems

Qualification Measures For Non-Gre Institutions Providing Admission

Reiterating the response to the question, is GRE mandatory for Masters in the USA? Even though the response is NO, there are specific policies to satisfy the qualification for a GRE waiver. Below, we have gathered some general requirements for GRE waivers in the USA to help you better understand your choices.

  • Superior Educational Rendition: Institutions usually award GRE Waivers to students with outstanding educational histories, naturally needing a GPA of more than 3.0. A unique educational setting in areas applicable to your wanted graduate course improves your qualifications.
  • Solid recommendation letter: A strong recommendation from past educators or employers can solidify your request for a GRE waiver, emphasizing your educational prospects, study capacities, and employment ethic.
  • Portfolio and writing sample: Most institutions approve optional evaluations of writing samples or portfolios to assess educational proficiencies without a GRE score.
  • Employment skill: Detailed employment skills, mainly for MBA or MCom courses, can be administered as an authentic motive for a GRE waiver. Presenting an employment skill certificate can back up your request.
  • Subject-particular exams: Concluding subject-particular exams such as LSAT, GRE, and MCAT subjects can supersede the general GRE, indicating skill in certain parts.
  • Program-specific conditions: Specific courses have special admission conditions, necessitating optional qualifications involving skilled experience or specific subject exams.