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Top TOEFL Accepting Universities In The USA: Requirements And More


Are you striving to study in the United States and marveling at which institutions approve TOEFL points? The US needs international students whose first language is not English to indicate their English skills with IELTS or TOEFL points to study in the US. Since US institutions prefer TOEFL scores, students can take the TOEFL iBT exams to make an application for undergraduate or master’s programs.

Top TOEFL-Approving Institution In the USA

This manual protects the highest TOEFL-approving institutions, score conditions, and essential admission hints for international students. Investigate your choices and take the first step toward your educational objectives in the US. The table below lists institutions approving TOEFL points of 80 in the United States of America and TOEFL-approving institutions in the USA for master’s courses.

University  QS World Ranking 2024 TOEFL iBT Scores
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1 90
Harvard University 4 104
Stanford University 5 100
University of Chicago 11 90
University of Pennsylvania 12 100
Cornell University 13 100
Yale University 16 100
Princeton University 17 100
Columbia University 23 100
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 33 100
New York University 38 100
Carniegie Mellon University 52 102
Duke University 57 90
Brown University 73 105
Boston University 93 90
University of Southern California 116 100
Dartmouth College 237 105
Vanderbilt University 261 88
Georgetown University 297 80

Toefl Approving Institutions In The USA For Masters

Knowing the score conditions is essential when applying to TOEFL-approving institutions in the USA for a master’s degree. Some top institutions have a TOEFL minimum score of 90 for the USA, whereas others place the TOEFL score prerequisites at 70.

Furthermore, several institutions approve TOEFL scores of 80 in the United States, with about 50 universities matching this standard, ensuring a range of alternatives for potential students. Listed below are the top TOEFL score conditions for the United States:

University  QS World Ranking 2024 Payments 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1 $57,986
University of Chicago 11 $64,260
University of California 29 $20,126
Northwestern University 47 $19,460
Duke University 57 $59,693
York University 353 $35,148

How To Present Your TOEFL Scores In TOEFL-Approving Institutions In The USA

Below are the processes which are required to be observed to present TOEFL scores to United States institutions:

  1. Choose recipient university: At the time of the TOEFL enrollment procedure, you can select about four universities or colleges to get your formal score reports. Be sure to choose the TOEFL-approving institutions in the USA for master’s courses where you desire your points to be forwarded.
  1. Offer institution codes: Every university has a specific 4-digit university code that you are required to type in during the enrollment procedures. Ensure you possess the accurate codes for the university to which you want to forward your points.
  1. Additional recipients: If you desire to forward your scores to the attached four recipients or decide to forward scores after the exam date, you can request additional score reports for a charge. You can use your TOEFL account to do this online.
  1. Score forwarding alternatives: Depending on your preferred institution, you can select to forward your scores online or through mail. Many schools approve online scores, which are naturally forwarded within 11 days after the date of the exams.
  1. Check university prerequisites: Before forwarding your scores, review with each school to make sure they approve TOEFL scores and confirm any particular TOEFL score conditions for United States admissions they may possess. Most institutions have a TOEFL score for United States entrances. Therefore, it is crucial to verify this information in advance.

Hints To Ace Your TOEFL Tests

Getting ready for the TOEFL goes further than just studying the material. Contemplate executing the following hints to improve your renditions:

  1. Generate a structured study plan: An extensive study plan protects every part of the TOEFL. Set aside stipulated times to practice your speaking, writing, reading, and listening proficiencies.
  1. Simulate test requirements: Take TOEFL practice exams under timed requirements to simulate the test setting. Recognize and work on time management plans for every part.
  1. Concentrate on weakness: Recognize your weaker areas and allocate more study time to enhance those proficiencies. Use the TOEFL preparation supplies to concentrate on your weak areas.
  1. Enhance your English language skills by participating in periodic exercises, such as reading books, newspapers, and articles. Practice your English language proficiencies with native speakers or language exchange associates.
  1. Get acquainted with the exam format: Know the structure of each part, including the kinds of questions and the anticipated answers. Efficiency and assurance can elevate your acquaintance with the exam structure.

Satisfying the TEOFL score conditions for US universities is essential for admissions. Ensure you know the TOEFL minimum score for US institutions and strive to meet or surpass it. This is crucial for people applying to TOEFL-approving institutions in the US for Master’s courses. Understanding the conditions and getting ready can boost your prospects of admission to TOEFL-approving institutions in the US.